Sunday, January 11, 2015

Arrivederci Mr. Bond! CIAO!

Arrivederci Mr. Bond

10th January 2015

Officials in Rome have nixed plans to shoot some of the car chase through the famous Quattro Fontane
Whilst the first unit is busy filming in Solden, Austria, a complication hit the second unit's preparations in Italy this week.
City officials in Rome have nixed plans for the car chase between the Aston Martin and Jaguar to race around the famous Baroque fountain.

Above: The Quattro Fontane (the Four Fountains) is an ensemble of four Late Renaissance fountains located at the intersection of Via delle Quattro Fontane and Via del Quirinale in Rome.

According to local reports, the four fountains that make up the Quattro Fontane are too fragile to risk a stunt driving through the crossroads and over an obstacle.
"We have not given permission for the sequence at the Quattro Fontane because the site is too delicate from an architectural point of view," said Federica Galloni, a cultural heritage official.

"We have asked the producers not to film there but instead to create the sequence with special effects in post-production. At the moment the scene has been suspended, and we’re waiting for the producers to tell us how they intend to resolve the problem.

There is still plenty of car chase action to shoot in Rome, as well as a parachute stunt that will see 007 descend on to the 15th century Ponte Sisto bridge.

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