Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Gaislachkogl, 3S Gondola, Austria - Spectre Stunts 1/8/15 - By Milione

Gaislachkogl, 3S Gondola, Austria
Spectre Stunt - By Milione

Gaislachkogl, 3S Gondola, Austria

3S Gaislachkogl

Building on permafrost

The support 3 of the new Gaislachkogl 3S Cable Car in Sölden had to be built on permafrost. On account of the settling and displacements of the frozen soil as a result of the climate change (the ice is thawing), the foundations of support 3 were built on a relocatable basis by 60 cm lengthways and crossway to the cableway axis. In addition, the six components of the foundation can be lifted individually by up to 60 cm.

The mountain station was set up on 19 individual foundations with a grillage. This grillage has been designed so it can be lifted by up to 1 meter above each of the 19 individual foundations. Furthermore, a special ventilation of the grillage was implemented in order to control fresh ice formation.

The abovementioned measures allow for a long-term accommodation of the settling of the mountain forecast by the geologist and guarantee the operation of the 3S Cable Car.

The new 3S system in Sölden, Austria is a technical marvel with numerous firsts. Firstly, special foundations were designed to deal the geological challenges associated with building in a permafrost zone. Secondly, vehicles are equipped with special dampening mechanisms and permanent ventilation features. Lastly, a new evacuation concept was developed to ensure that no online evacuations would ever need to occur. Instead, this new technology ensures that the vehicles can always be returned to the station.

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